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Products For Sale

We believe in honoring our animals by humanely raising them in a low stress environment and utilizing as much of the animal as possible.

Icelandic Sheepskins Tanned on the Farm

Prices vary by Sheepskin size/color/age of animal

We have some beautiful sheepskins available. The sheepskins are tanned with a biodegradable tanning solution. Although they are not machine washable, they are really easy to care for.


Lamb Meat

Purchase options vary by cut/whole/half lamb

Icelandic Lamb is truly a delicacy. The taste, texture and quality is far above American lamb.

We offer individual USDA cuts, whole/half lamb options and allow customers to harvest and butcher their own onsite. 


Icelandic Fiber


We have lots of fleece available in white, black, gray, brown


Cornish Cross Whole Roasting Chicken

$6 per pound

Cornish Cross whole roasting chickens available. Free Range fed Non-GMO, no corn, no soy feed. Weights range from 4 to 7 lbs

Sold out till Spring 2024

Contact us to pre-order


Straw/Sheep Manure Mix

Product Subtitle

We have lot of wheat/oat straw mixed with sheep manure available to be picked up. We can load it into your trailer with our tractor. Call for more information


Farm Eggs

Thanks to our loyal repeat customers, we are closed to new customers at this time

Contact us to get on the availability list

$5 a dozen

Fresh eggs available from Free range chickens that are fed both non-GMO no corn no soy diet.

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