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Our Story

Our journey started when we bought a bird hunting dog and decided that raising an active hunting dog in the city wasn't going to be enough room to run and train. We took the leap and purchased our property in May 2019. We started raising quail for dog training and are enjoying the eggs they provide as a perk. It became evident really quickly that we were either going to have to do a lot of upkeep of the pastures ourselves or let animals do the job for us. We started with goats to help with maintenance. They quickly earned their keep and like potato chips, you can't just have one. Our herd grew, expanded to sheep, pigs, and chickens. We started a garden and are well on our way to becoming self sustainable. There is nothing more satisfying than eating an entire meal that came directly from the farm. 

We quickly fine tuned our farming efforts and focused on raising Icelandic Sheep. We fell in love with the Icelandic Sheep breed after a trip to Iceland and sold all the goats. Icelandic Sheep just have something so special about them that captures your heart and soul. 

Everything raised here needs to have a purpose. Meat, fiber and most important of all....entertainment. 

All our animals are raised on pasture, non GMO feed. We strive to be as natural as possible creating strong healthy, parasite resistant animals. Our next adventure in animal husbandry is the start of a Artificial Insemination program that will allow us to buy frozen Ram Semen straight from Iceland and help diversify our flock.

We look forward to sharing our journey with you and invite you to come visit to share in our adventure and become part of our family.

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