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Meet the Farm Support Team

Everyone has to earn their keep



Sheep protector

Mina is a Sarplaninac Livestock guardian dog. She is an excellent judge of character and takes her job of guarding and very seriously.



Huntress extraordinaire- Head of the Vermin extermination team

Haley the Pudelpointer never stops hunting, whether we are in the Chukar hills or Eastern Oregon, or if there is a mole she needs to exterminate in the yard. Has perfected her mouse/rat killing technique.



Farm entertainment, welcoming committee and a great upland bird hunter. She is on the vermin extermination team, chicken catcher and sock stealer task force.

Abby the Pudelpointer takes her job as farm entertainer seriously and there is never a dull moment. She puts a smile on everyones faces and hasn't met a human or dog that she hasn't loved.



Hay bed tester, on the extermination team with her sisters, and all around love bug/bed hog

Biscuit the English Pointer came to us in the middle of the Pandemic. An amazing upland bird hunter.



Aspiring Sheep herder

Mylah is a frequent visitor and loves to help in any way she can



Head of Home Security

Tater takes job way too serious and believes that every sound is an intruder. There is no sneaking up on our home and gets his sisters all involved in defending the territory.

Fernando Alpacazuela

Farm Grump Ass

Fernando loves his Sheep and no one else, not even his Alpaca and Llama co-workers. He is the grumpy 90% of the time and will spit unprovoked. But... we love him very much. 

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