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Icelandic Sheep

The Icelandic sheep (Icelandic: íslenska sauðkindin) is a breed of domestic sheep. The Icelandic breed is one of the Northern European short-tailed sheep, which exhibit a fluke-shaped, naturally short tail. The Icelandic is a mid-sized breed, generally short-legged and stocky, with face and legs free of wool.

The Flock

Quality fiber/meat Icelandic Sheep

We have a biosecurity protocol here at Top Hill Farm. We tested the entire flock in January 2022 for CL, OPP, and Johnes. Everyone was negative for CL, OPP and Johnes (blood or PCR test results). We retested In May 2023 and everyone was negative for CL, OPP and Jones.

We quarantine all new animals for 30 days, perform Biosecurity testing, and run fecals prior to releasing them into the flock.  


Our Rams

Breeding Stock
(Not for Sale)

We are constantly striving to improve our breeding program. Here are some of the rams we have used and some we are excited to use this next breeding season.

Our Ewes

Breeding Stock
(Not for Sale)

We have collect some great ewes that are solid conformation, parasite resistant, great mothers and fun personalities. Check out the ladies!

Our Lambs or Sale

Available lambs

We have a few lambs that meet our standards for breeding and are available to join your flock.

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