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Icelandic Chickens

Icelandic chickens are hardy in different climates, thrifty and make excellent farm and ranch birds. They are also adaptable enough to thrive in backyard conditions, and when raised by calm people who spend time with them, are often very friendly and trusting. They are not a modern dual purpose breed but do lay a lot of medium-sized white to pale tan eggs, and often lay over a long lifetime and during winter months. Some hens in every flock will go broody and be excellent mothers. Icelandics are medium-sized and have a small carcass weight (about 2.5 pounds for a five month old cockerel) made up for by delicious meat that is best cooked in recipes like coq au vin (long, low and moist heat).

Contact us if you are interested in hatching eggs, chicks or edible eggs. We feed organic soy/corn free feed. They free range and have the run of the barn.

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